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How to: Kiosk Presentations

What’s a Kiosk Presentation?  

A Kiosk Presentation is a presentation without a presenter. The audience views a PowerPoint presentation at a computer screen where the full message of the presentation is communicated solely through written word, images and music.  

A kiosk presentation explores the impact of a "text to text" or "text to world" connection. It reveals which insights a reader gains through a specific connection and also reveals how this connection offers a reader an opportunity to add depth to his/her understanding of the literary work. 

In addition to the title slide and works cited slide, a kiosk...

  • Identifies a significant "text to text" or "text to world" connection.
  • Includes at least one parenthetically cited passage from the literary work. 
  • Includes images/graphics which enhance and expand upon the meaning of the presentation as a whole.  
  • Includes music which enhances and expands upon the meaning of the presentation as a whole.  
  • Includes a minimal amount of additional text which establishes a context for connections and the presentation as a whole. Presentation is not an "essay" on a slide. 
  • Organization of slides reveals a logical progression/sequence of ideas.

See a sample kiosk presentation here: