American Experience: Weekly Syllabus

November 20, 2017 to November 21, 2017

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Special events this week:

 No School: Thanksgiving Break – Wednesday, 11/22 through Friday, 11/24.

This week, we’ll focus on: 

Reader's & Writer's Notebook

Continue reading and responding to  your current book in your Reader’s & Writer’s Notebook

Summative Assessment # 2

Continue work on your second summative assessment. Final draft due on or before Friday, December 1st. 

Individual Conferences

We’ll discuss and evaluate your progress with the following:

 Reader’s & Writer’s Notebook

• Semester Portfolio

Summative Assessment # 2 progress


So, wait a I have homework?

Yes – always. Within each term, you need to work towards developing and successfully demonstrating competency.  Use this syllabus, the calendar below and the conference trackers to manage your time successfully.

Looking for a syllabus from a previous week?

Just log-in to our Google Classroom and look in the ABOUT section.