Essay Test

In your essay test response, you will have access to your personal, original and authentic reader's response as recorded in your Reader's & Writer's Digital Notebook. You will also have access to the text you have read.

An essay test response is the only timed response you will encounter inside the curriculum with the exception of the semester final exams. You usually have two class periods to complete your response.

The following resources can help you prepare for your essay test response: 

Essay Test Checklist and use it when you draft your next essay test response.

Quote Analysis the Easy Way  (University of California, Berkeley)

How will this assessment be scored? Which competencies are demonstrated in the context of this assessment? Click here.

Getting started! Follow these steps:

Click here to dowload and print step by step directions which will get you started on your summative assessment. 

Click here to download a copy of the scoring rubric. Save it to your folder for this summative assessment. (Available to members only.)

Finished? Here's how to submit your final draft!

Click here to dowload and print step by step directions for submission of your summative assessment. Hand this in once you have completed it. 

Mrs. Juster will let you know when you  may sign-up for a conference to review your work and score.