Formative Assessments

Through a learner's formative work, he/she demonstrates readiness for a summative assessment through which the learner will demonstrate competency.   In our course work, the Reader's & Writer's Notebook will be the primary focus of of a learner's formative work. 
Formative assessments include:
This reveals a learner's ongoing dialog with a variety of  texts. It provides the learner with an opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and evidence  necessary for success in future summative assessments.  A learner's notebook includes: 
• observations and insights about reading process and experience
• thinking questions
• research notes
• links to research sources
• images
• passages with parenthetical citations
• prompt responses
• nature journal responses
• viewer's responses
• vocabulary development
• summer reading responses (honors courses only)
A learner's Reader's & Writer's Notebook provides evidence that he/she is ready to demosntrate competency through a summative assessment. 
Formative work which reflects development of a Reader's & Writer's Notebook  is reflected in  X2/Aspen grades as:               
Formative Assessment: R&W Notebook-  Summative #
The "grade" for this is: Yes or No
Developed by the State of New Hampshire,  Work-Study Practices are defined as: "Behavioral qualities or habits of mind that students need to be successful in college, career, and life." There are four sets of Work-Study practices: Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Self-Direction. 

Througout each semester, learners will have the opportunity to further develop the skills and habits necessary to demonstrate proficiency in Work-Study practices. Learners will continue to develop and further their Work-Study skills with the following activities:   
Academic Discourse:
• Peer reading/writing conferences
•  Whole class discussions
•  Book group discussions
•  Poem of the day performances
Reading/Writing Workshop:
•  Peer reading/writing conferences and peer conferences.

• Individual Reading/Writing Conferences
• Reading/Writing Workshops
• Academic Discourse (whole class, small group and  book groups).

Formative work which reflects development of Work-Study practices is reflected in X2/Aspen grades as:

Formative Assessment:  Academic Discourse
The "grade" for this is: Yes or No
Formative Assessment: Reading/Writing Workshop
The "grade" for this is: Yes or No
Sufficient Engagement in Reading/Writing Workshop
The "grade" for this is: Yes or No


The many different formative "grades" entered as "Yes" or "No"  translate to a single number score/grade (see chart on right). This appears in X2/Aspen as "Formative Assessment: Overall Score for All".