Formative Assessments

Formative assessments are ongoing and assessed during regular 1:1 reading/writing conferences with each learner.  Through a learner's formative work, much of which is recorded in a reader's & writer's digital notebook, the learner demonstrates readiness for a summative assessment.
 Equal to 10% of your final grade for a marking period, formative assessments are a gateway to the summative assessments which demonstrate competency. Learners must demonstrate the authenticity and originality of their formative work before starting a summative assessment.
Formative Assessments include but are not limited to:
Reader' & Writer's Digital Notebook (viewing journal responses, nature journal responses, prompt responses, research development, brainstorming, thesis development, early drafting, reader's responses, prompt responses etc. ...)
Summer Reading Responses (honors courses only)
Reading/Writing Conferences
Running records of formal academic discourse (including discussion boards)
Recorded book group discussions
Formative Assessment Options & Performance Task Rubrics