Thesis-Based Research Paper

Once you have completed your research, it's time to begin to draft your paper...
Writing Resources
The resources below will guide you through the process of writing your paper. Keep in mind that writing is hardly ever a linear process. There are steps indicated below, if you wish to follow them, but keep in mind that most writers skip around from step to step – repeating some and completing several cycles of brainstorming, outlining and drafting before they have a draft ready for submission.
The Process of Getting Started: 

Overview of Research Paper

Drafting a Thesis and Supports 
Outlining an Argument  
Using Research to Support an Argument:
“Weaving-In” Passages from Research Sources
Creating a Works Cited Entry 


Crafting & Revising Rough Drafts:
Creating a Full Rough Draft Guide 
Preparing a Draft for Submission:  
Citations  & Formatting for Formal Papers
Rough Draft to Final: Full Rough Draft Check 
Submitting a Final Draft - See Mrs. Juster

Getting Started...

Return to your Reader's & Writer's Notebook.  Identify the ideas you'd like to focus on for this summative assessment by highlighting questions,  connections you'd like to learn more about. Add a comment to this highlighted text.

Using the resources of our class website and our Library Media Center, begin your research.  You must find at least three valid, reliable and accurate sources which connect to the  ideas you identified in your notebook. 

Once you identify a source, read it through and then hold on to your thinking with an entry in your notebook or a Noodletools notecard.  The notebook entry should include everything that a Noodletools notebard would include:


Focus: Research Paper - Source # 1 

MLA Citation for the source

Title/Main Idea for Source

P ARAPHRASE OR SUMMARY - Briefly summarize what this source is about. (You can bullet this if you'd like.) 

DIRECT QUOTATION- Copy/paste interesting passages directly from your source into your notebook. 

ORIGINAL THINKING - Bullet questions, connections and/or comments that occurred to you as you read this source.

Don't forget to "Go with the flow!" As you read through different research sources, you will discover new questions or connections. Follow these ideas and sources wherever they lead.


How will this assessment be scored? Which competencies are demonstrated in the context of this assessment? Click here.

Finished? Here's how to submit your final draft!

Make sure your final draft is named as follows (substituting your name and appropriate summative number where indicated):

Last Name, First Name_Summative #4

Place this in the appropriate sub-folder within your course folder. Lastly, submit this file to