Competencies: Resources & Research

Jr English Competency-Based Education Pilot

Common Core Anchor Standards
             English and Mathematics
             Speaking and Listening  
            “Read the Standards.” Read the Standards | Common Core State Standards Initiative

National Council of Teachers of English 
                Framework for 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment 

International Society for Technology in Education

 American Library Association: Standards for the 21st Century Learner

Sanborn Regional High School: Competencies

 Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
                      Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy – Verbs, Assessments, Questioning Strategies
                      Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy – Action Verbs
Competency Works
                     New Hampshire: Building and Integrated Competency-Based System

Education Design Studios: Competency-Based Learning Design Studio
                     Voices of Competency Education

"Does Competency-Based Education Make the Grade? "

Listen to this great NH Public Radio podcast from The Exchange with Laura Knoy and then explore the videos to learn more.