Reader's & Writer's Notebook:Vocabulary Development

A strong vocabulary is developed through reading and some direct word study. The strength of your vocabulary is revealed in your writing and can impact the level of competency performance in a summative assessment. Vocabulary development is an element of competency # 2. 

To strengthen your vocabulary do the following:

include new words (along with the definitions and parts of speech) in Reader's & Writer's Notebook entries. 

engage in direct word study with a resource such as Membean


What's Membean? This video will help you learn all about Membean's multi-modal approach to learning vocabulary:





Sample Vocabulary Entry



Entry Date: September 3, 2017
Focus: Vocabulary Development
word: harrow

definition:  (noun) A farm implement consisting of a heavy frame with sharp teeth or upright disks, used to break up and even off plowed ground.

context:   The Grapes of Wrath
"And pulled behind the disks, the harrows combing with iron teeth so that the little clods broke up and the earth lay smooth" (Steinbeck 49).

visual clue:





Vocabulary Entry Directions
Include vocabulary words from any text you are reading as part of your course work.  
Include only words that represent a challenge for you. In your entry, include the  following:
• new vocabulary word
• part of speech with definition (you may use an online source such as for this)
• context (including title of novel and parenthetical citation)
• visual clue to help you recall word meaning

If you would like to build your vocabulary through Membean or through a combination of Membean work and vocabulary entries in your Reader's & Writer's Notebook,  go to: . Use your email address. See Mrs. Juster for enrollment token/code.