Summative Assessments

A summative assessment is a performance task in which the learner demonstrates competency. Over the course of multiple summative assessments, the learner develops a trend which reveals an overall level of competency.  
Through a learner's formative work, which is primarily reflected in the learner's digital Reader's & Writer's Notebook,  he/she demonstrates readiness to demonstrate a level of competency through a summative assessment.
The learner then chooses a summative assessment from the menus below and begins work. Small group and individual conferences support each learner as he/she  progresses through the process of creating a summative assessment.
Once a summative assessment has been scored,  each learner receives individualized and detailed feedback. The learner then has the opportunity to use this feedback to improve. Through individual conferences, revision work, and, when needed, additional formative work, a learner may have his/her summative work reassessed. This offers each learner the opportunity to continue to develop the skills necessary to reach  progressively higher levels of competency. 
 As a group, summative assessments are equal to 90% of a learner's final grade for a marking period.

Each semester, learners must complete a semester portfolio and a minimum of one summative assessment from each of the categories below:

Time for a summative assessment? Which one will you choose? Click on your class period and let me know where your summative adventure will begin this time!

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