Understanding Grading

Student progress is reflected in running records recorded on a Google Sheet shared with each student via Google Drive.  It also recorded in X2 :Aspen.  To understand how competency grades translate to traditional grades, reference the chart below. 

Click here to learn about grading of summative assessments.

Click here to learn more about grading of formative assessments. 



of  Term Grade


Summative Assessment Opportunities

Reflection Paper

Essay Test Response

Multi-Genre Research Paper

Thesis-Based Research Paper

Kiosk Presentation

Digital Story Poetry Performance

Podcast: Research

Podcast: Play/Film Review

Podcast: Book Review

Semester Portfolio







of  Term Grade


Formative Assessment Opportunities

Reader’s & Writer’s Digital Notebook 

Academic Discourse:

• Peer reading/writing conferences

•  Whole class discussions

•  Book group discussions

•  Poem of the day performances


Reading/Writing Workshop:

• Peer reading/writing conferences and peer conferences.

• Individual Reading/Writing Conferences
•Reading/Writing Workshops
•Academic Discourse (whole class, small group and book groups).



Formative assessments lay the groundwork. Through formatives,  a learner demonstrates readiness to demonstrate competency through a summative assessment.

Multiple summative assessments create a trend. A learner’s final “score” is the end result of the trend. To improve a trend, a learner returns to formative work and prepares, once again, to demonstrate competency in the context of a summative assessment .